Learn How to Launch Websites with Cheap Web Hosting Service Providers

Learn How to Launch Websites with Cheap Web Hosting Service Providers

Nowadays, one does not even require special technical knowledge to know how to launch a website. In order to publish a website, it must first be developed perfectly. Once that is done, you must complete the domain name registration process. Next, a cheap web hosting service provider must be selected. They will help make your website accessible from all over the world.

The process of deciding a domain name may seem tedious. But once you know the different types of domain names, your job will become easier. The major part of the domain name is the most relevant. Often, it is named after the name of the website itself. That part is simpler. What confuses most people are the Top-Level Domains (TLD). This is the part following the second period in a website address. There are various subcategories of TLDs too.

The first kind which is most common is the generic top-level domain or the gTLD. You must be thinking, what is GTLD Name and why is it very common? The reason is that they are cheap to buy and easy to obtain. The second type of TLD is the ccTLD. This is a domains extension that is country-specific. For example, a USA-based country may use the extension ‘.us’. In the same way, Russian sites may use ‘.ru’ to make them easily identifiable. The third type, which is not seen commonly, is the sTLD. These sites are privately owned by individuals and organizations.

Premium sites are also available for sale. Buying one of these can make your life much easier. Premium websites are URLs that are catchy and easy to remember. They are guaranteed to increase web traffic. They are hence highly-demanded, which means owners of premium sites charge a lot of money. You can look up the owner of a premium URL via Domain Whois and make them an offer yourself, too.

The selection of a domain name is followed by searching for a free web hosting company. Canadian web hosting companies such as HostPapa and GreekGeeks are very famous and cheap. Some companies also offer free domains and unlimited bandwidth, along with unlimited disk space and steady connections. Some of them also offer cloud hosting service, which is even more advanced than regular web hosting. The same is the case with USA web hosting companies and providers in all other countries too. Depending on the prices, domain names and hosting companies can be chosen. After that, your website will be ready to go online.

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