How to Host a Website on the World Wide Web?

How to Host a Website on the World Wide Web?

Whenever a new website is created, it needs a platform for its launch. In order to be available for global access, it must be published on the Internet. This is done through a simple process known as web hosting. There are many cheap web hosting services available all over the world. We will discuss these shortly.

Before you can host your website, you need to pick a web address for your site. This usually follows the format of The ‘abc’ parts can be modified to any other string of letters of your choice. The ‘xyz’ parts are called Top Level Domains (TLD). The types of domain names are classified according to the domains extension that you pick.

The first type of TLD is the ccTLD. You may have seen websites that end with a kind of country code. Examples are .ru and .in, for Russia and India, respectively. These are country code TLDs. The next type is the sTLD. These are domains monitored by sponsored bodies. The last, most common kind is the gTLD. Now, you may be wondering what is GTLD Name and what is so special about it. These are generic TLDs and you can pick one based on what field your website is about. If you are creating an educational website, you can use ‘.edu’ as your top level domain.

Sometimes, instead of coming up with new website URLs, you can also purchase premium domains. These are privately owned domains which are up for sale, often at high prices. If you wish to purchase one, you could look up who the website is registered to via the Domain Whois option. You can then contact the registrant and offer your price.

Once you are done with the domain name registration process, you will be ready to look over some free web hosting companies. Some of the famous USA web hosting companies are HostGator, BlueHost, and Lonex. Many hosting companies also offer free domain registration along with free hosting and many other features. For example, Canadian web hosting company HostUpon offers a free domain, unlimited disk space and bandwidth. The regular price is very low per month, and you can receive additional discounts using coupon codes.

For additional features and increased prices, domains can be hosted using cloud hosting servers. These are different and more efficient than the typical servers. They are composed of a group of servers in various physical locations but can be accessed through cloud computing.


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